Published on February 02-27-24


Time management is a real issue for dental practices. There just isn’t enough time in the day. Or is there? 

Here are some tips for you to improve organization in your clinic!

1.     Keep instruments in Cassettes.

If the right instruments aren’t where they’re needed (usually because of missed instruments or duplicates), that’s wasted time and effort spent tracking everything down. With instruments already organized in IMS™ Cassettes, your team doesn’t have to search for them all the time and patients don’t have to wait.
Keeping instruments in cassettes also improves safety and instrument’s longevity, as you reduce the risks of sharp injuries and falling instruments.

2.     A well-organized sterilization area.

If your sterilization center is not properly organized, your efficiency is suffering. With enough space for all the proper steps of the instruments reprocessing from dirty to clean, the staff can better perform its tasks without the risk of stacking instruments in poor order. Moreover, with cassette solution you can free up to 200 cm of counter space and maximize the sterilization area.

3.     Pre-Assembled Setups.

Once your instruments are sterilized, your team spend time assembling setups for each procedure. Instead, using pre-assembled setups already divided by procedures in IMS™ Cassettes with different color coding, eliminates the time of sorting instruments before new patients arrive, or worse, they are waiting for you at the chairside.

4.     Standardized approach.

Each facility is different, which means onboarding clinicians or temporary staff and keeping the team aligned on the ins and outs of processes and policies takes time. With a consistent, organized approach thanks to IMS Instrument Management System, the team feels empowered and confident doing their job.

5.     Procedural Sets.

So many disposables are necessary to ensure safety for both patients and operators, especially during surgical procedures. Single-use items such as gowns, drapes, masks, caps, protection for dental unit, surgical accessories, irrigation and aspiration systems can all be pre-assembled in procedural sets made specifically for each procedure, exactly like instruments setups. Not having to waste time opening so many different boxes only to look for a single mask or gown and saving even more counter space with all-in-one packages, improves efficiency and organization in the clinic.


In conclusion, by following these tips, your dental office won’t be the same anymore: better workflow during cleaning and sterilization procedures, instruments always ready and organized in IMS™ Cassettes from sterilization area to chairside, happier and more productive staff, plenty of time saved and of course, satisfied patients.