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composed this kit with the instruments I require for my daily implant surgery. From single non-evasive post- extraction aesthetic cases till full-arch edentulous rehabilitation with bone trimming this kit has all I need.


This list of instruments is ideal for specialists in periodontology but also general practitioners who have an interest in periodontal surgery and implant dentistry. It is designed to cover most of the periodontal surgical techniques including mucogingival surgery and ridge preservation.


The surgical kit is composed of top-notch Hu-Friedy instruments designed for delicate and precise micro-surgical interventions around teeth and implants. The kit is a balanced combination of thoroughly


These trays designed by the team at Atelier Dental Madrid contain the essential instruments that are necessary to carry on an intraoral exam and a postoperative inspection, perform some critical aspects of a standard maintenance visit and to execute a wide range of periodontal and implant-related surgical interventions. 

IMS & Infection Prevention

GUIDE TO MINIMIZING INFECTION RISKS IN DENTAL PRACTICES - It's always a good time to brush up on ways to support patient safety in the dental chair. That means shining a light on what you and your team need to know to protect yourselves and your patients, starting with a refresher on infection risks."

Hand Scaling
Ergonomics in a Scaler

The choice of a particular ergonomic design of a hand scaler or curette can have strong implications on hygienists and patients.